Is it really April?

Already? Well, then… just a few quick thoughts to get me going until I can do a full post later:

1. Ran the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon on Saturday– a PR (1:47:41) and 8th in my age group on a crazy hilly course!

2. But… got in a car accident on the way there…

3. …so I guess now I know I can still race well under adverse conditions?

4. Spent 12 hours in the middle of nowhere getting a salvage door put on my car to replace the one that looked like a taco…

5. …so now I have SO MUCH catching up to do!

What’s the craziest pre-race situation you’ve ever been in? Were you still able to run well? Do you ever get paranoid or superstitious about that kind of thing?


2 thoughts on “Is it really April?

  1. First, I’m so glad you’re okay!! I can’t believe you got in an accident on the way to your race! Second, CONGRATS on the killer time and PR! 😀

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