Things I know…

Of these things I am sure:

1. I am loving running– even in the fog, the mist, or the snow πŸ™‚


here’s what the park looked like last Friday on my run:


2. I have a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend πŸ™‚

here are the little flowers he picked and brought to me at work on Saturday:


3. My friends are talented!

here’s a picture of some of them playing some music at our coffeehouse event at the seminary Saturday night:


4. I am good at food– and procrastinating. The combination = major talent of mine.

Case in point: my dinner tonight– homemade apple onion sauerkraut, beer bread, and meatless meatballs with barbecue sauce


4. I have WAY too much to do! Ahhhhh!!!!!

Only one thing to do: keep kicking butt πŸ™‚