A time to run!

So…. running has been kind of on again, off again lately for a variety of reasons– late social nights, lots of school work, my jobs, a little knee injury, etc.. I’m not a fan of this. I love running, and doing it more regularly not only makes me a happier camper in the short run (run–get it?:) ), but I know it also makes a big difference in injury prevention. All good things! Therefore, I’m on a mission to get back to it! Commitment begins… NOW 🙂

One way I’m thinking of making this change is signing up for some races to get me motivated and excited about getting up early! I signed up for the lottery for the Broad Street 10-miler this morning, but I’m also considering a couple others. Has anybody ever done the Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon (http://action.lung.org/site/TR?fr_id=6340&pg=entry) or the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon (http://www.gardenspotvillagemarathon.org/index.php) before? Those are both good possibilities!

The Caesar Rodney half is on March 17 (soon!), and I know I can run 6 miles plenty comfortably right now, so I think I would be fine for that, even if it’s not my best finish time ever. Just doing the race would be fun in itself :). The Garden Spot half is on April 6 (plenty of time!), and Broad Street is about a month after that. Anybody wanna join me for these??

Let Operation Get Back To It begin!


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