My accidental half marathon

Let’s start off with what I feel to be a pretty true statement: running in a new place is always an adventure. Personally, I love this– running somewhere new gives me a chance to explore an area from a much closer vantage point than just driving around, and I feel a more personal connection to the place when traveling by foot. I just see so much more this way!


So, naturally, I was looking forward to running around my new home. A part of me was a little apprehensive about it, though, since I haven’t been able to run as consistently as I would like lately. Between busyness leading up to leaving home, some nagging pains that needed rest, and that whole moving-across-several-states thing, consistency was definitely lacking in my running schedule. Normally, this wouldn’t really be a big deal to me, but a look at the calendar reminded me how quickly my upcoming half marathon (the Rock ‘n’ Roll HM in Philly) is approaching, and I started to feel a greater sense of urgency about getting in some good mileage.


Because of this, I planned a nice 10-miler for this weekend. Since I’m new to running around here, I got on MapMyRun, played around with possible routes for a while, and got a nice loop figured out. A good portion of my loop went through Fairmount Park, in the Wissahickon Valley section, and I was really excited to explore what promised to be a beautiful area! But, just to be sure about where I was going, I even used the satellite view on the map program to make sure I knew what all my turns would look like, and I wrote down all the streets I would be taking on a note to stick in my pocket just in case I forgot the order. I had this all figured out.

Or so I thought.

It really was a beautiful run– I got to see some parts of the neighborhood I hadn’t previously crossed, and I was really loving the park trail. So much so, in fact, that I must have been completely engrossed in the shady foliage, the rushing creek, and the sunny skies to the point that I missed my bridge altogether! It sure seemed like I had been running in that park for a long time…


…and when I came out of the park on the other side, a place a fair amount further from home than my planned exit from the park, I realized my mistake. I knew there was nothing to do but to keep running, and luckily I knew my way home from that place, but the whole time I couldn’t help wondering A. where that bridge was???? and B. how far I was actually running!


When I got home, I judged by the time that I must have tacked on an extra 3 miles or so, and, after grabbing some (lots of) water and a sweat towel, I headed up to my computer to find out.


And my I was right– just about 13 miles! Guess I’m ready for that half marathon after all 🙂


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