…or at least that’s what Pocahontas would say (trust me– my 5-year-old self went around greeting everyone that way, as I’m sure my mom would confirm for you). After all– channeling my inner Pocahontas is what I’m all about these days. It’s time to welcome some new adventures, and since I’m not one for clear-cut, common, or simple, I will surely not be taking the steady stream/Kokoum into the future. That’s right– we’re talking  rocky, waterfall ridden, rapid-filled, occasionally treacherous but always exhilarating whitewater (or, in the other metaphorical sense, the ever-interesting John Smith), and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, I’m back in Philadelphia, but that’s about where the continuity ends. I’m at a new school, meeting new people, doing a new sport, finding new jobs, forming new relationships, and exploring new possibilities. I’m taking my bachelor’s degree without a clear-cut career path to start a graduate degree without a clear-cut career path. My life is an open book right now. On the one hand, it’s pretty liberating– I have the freedom to create, to refresh, to explore. But it’s also a little intimidating– jumping into the unknown comes with a lot of feelings of uncertainty and a degree of natural discomfort.

I’m making the conscious decision right now, though, to embrace all that life has to offer me right now. To take it one day, one task, one text at a time. To accept that there are days when I’ll be excited and days when I’ll be frustrated, days when I will revel in the company of others and days when I will be quite lonely. To really experience this moment and feel things deeply. And to smile through it all, continually thanking God for all the ways in which he has so richly blessed my life.

So, wingapo! Welcome to my journey through the grand adventure of life :).


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