Is it really April?

Already? Well, then… just a few quick thoughts to get me going until I can do a full post later:

1. Ran the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon on Saturday– a PR (1:47:41) and 8th in my age group on a crazy hilly course!

2. But… got in a car accident on the way there…

3. …so I guess now I know I can still race well under adverse conditions?

4. Spent 12 hours in the middle of nowhere getting a salvage door put on my car to replace the one that looked like a taco…

5. …so now I have SO MUCH catching up to do!

What’s the craziest pre-race situation you’ve ever been in? Were you still able to run well? Do you ever get paranoid or superstitious about that kind of thing?


Things I know…

Of these things I am sure:

1. I am loving running– even in the fog, the mist, or the snow πŸ™‚


here’s what the park looked like last Friday on my run:


2. I have a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend πŸ™‚

here are the little flowers he picked and brought to me at work on Saturday:


3. My friends are talented!

here’s a picture of some of them playing some music at our coffeehouse event at the seminary Saturday night:


4. I am good at food– and procrastinating. The combination = major talent of mine.

Case in point: my dinner tonight– homemade apple onion sauerkraut, beer bread, and meatless meatballs with barbecue sauce


4. I have WAY too much to do! Ahhhhh!!!!!

Only one thing to do: keep kicking butt πŸ™‚

it’s ON

Well, I did it– registered for the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon! A friend from the seminary will be joining me, and her husband and my boyfriend are showing great enthusiasm about being our cheering squad :). April 6th, here we come!

I’ve also been chosen in the lottery to do the Broad Street 10 mile run again this year on May 6th– I had a great time last year, and I’m really looking forward to doing it again!

Despite what I believe to be a little case of tendinitis in my knee, I’m excited to get back into a more committed running routine! I’ll definitely listen to my body during training, though, and I’m taking care to treat my knee as well as I can– that means plenty of water, some ibuprofen, some heat, and getting quality nutrition with lots of good healthy fats, vitamins, calcium, and protein! And also some treats. Let’s be real– good beer is a great thing, and a day without dessert just isn’t right :).

That being said… 3-2-1 RUN!

P.S. This is a picture from my case-based field work (re: unpaid internship) supervisor’s office– I think we’re going to get along just fine πŸ™‚

A time to run!

So…. running has been kind of on again, off again lately for a variety of reasons– late social nights, lots of school work, my jobs, a little knee injury, etc.. I’m not a fan of this. I love running, and doing it more regularly not only makes me a happier camper in the short run (run–get it?:) ), but I know it also makes a big difference in injury prevention. All good things! Therefore, I’m on a mission to get back to it! Commitment begins… NOW πŸ™‚

One way I’m thinking of making this change is signing up for some races to get me motivated and excited about getting up early! I signed up for the lottery for the Broad Street 10-miler this morning, but I’m also considering a couple others. Has anybody ever done the Citizens Bank Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon ( or the Garden Spot Village Half Marathon ( before? Those are both good possibilities!

The Caesar Rodney half is on March 17 (soon!), and I know I can run 6 miles plenty comfortably right now, so I think I would be fine for that, even if it’s not my best finish time ever. Just doing the race would be fun in itself :). The Garden Spot half is on April 6 (plenty of time!), and Broad Street is about a month after that. Anybody wanna join me for these??

Let Operation Get Back To It begin!

A quick look back before we move forward

Scenes from seminary semester one:


working at the coffee shop


tie party!


Alabama Shakes concert with my boyfriend


pumpkin carving!


near the orchard


oh, breezy… you were so good to me.


Runner’s World 10k in Bethlehem!


mornings at work




UPG at homecoming




Bert and Mary Poppins for Halloween


apple-picking siblings


UPG class of 2012 dinner


Griffin House concert


birthday gift #1: Ray Lamontagne concert


train station near the seminary


family Thanksgiving


UPG Intrasquad and championship ring ceremony


paper-writing: the final push


Philly Christmas village


a birthday surprise!


making music at my birthday party


Christmas cookies!


siblings on Christmas Eve

My accidental half marathon

Let’s start off with what I feel to be a pretty true statement: running in a new place is always an adventure. Personally, I love this– running somewhere new gives me a chance to explore an area from a much closer vantage point than just driving around, and I feel a more personal connection to the place when traveling by foot. I just see so much more this way!


So, naturally, I was looking forward to running around my new home. A part of me was a little apprehensive about it, though, since I haven’t been able to run as consistently as I would like lately. Between busyness leading up to leaving home, some nagging pains that needed rest, and that whole moving-across-several-states thing, consistency was definitely lacking in my running schedule. Normally, this wouldn’t really be a big deal to me, but a look at the calendar reminded me how quickly my upcoming half marathon (the Rock ‘n’ Roll HM in Philly) is approaching, and I started to feel a greater sense of urgency about getting in some good mileage.


Because of this, I planned a nice 10-miler for this weekend. Since I’m new to running around here, I got on MapMyRun, played around with possible routes for a while, and got a nice loop figured out. A good portion of my loop went through Fairmount Park, in the Wissahickon Valley section, and I was really excited to explore what promised to be a beautiful area! But, just to be sure about where I was going, I even used the satellite view on the map program to make sure I knew what all my turns would look like, and I wrote down all the streets I would be taking on a note to stick in my pocket just in case I forgot the order. I had this all figured out.

Or so I thought.

It really was a beautiful run– I got to see some parts of the neighborhood I hadn’t previously crossed, and I was really loving the park trail. So much so, in fact, that I must have been completely engrossed in the shady foliage, the rushing creek, and the sunny skies to the point that I missed my bridge altogether! It sure seemed like I had been running in that park for a long time…


…and when I came out of the park on the other side, a place a fair amount further from home than my planned exit from the park, I realized my mistake. I knew there was nothing to do but to keep running, and luckily I knew my way home from that place, but the whole time I couldn’t help wondering A. where that bridge was???? and B. how far I was actually running!


When I got home, I judged by the time that I must have tacked on an extra 3 miles or so, and, after grabbing some (lots of) water and a sweat towel, I headed up to my computer to find out.


And my I was right– just about 13 miles! Guess I’m ready for that half marathon after all πŸ™‚